This is my town.
In Venice you walk a lot.

There are no cars, no bicycles can be used.

We use the boat a little, except for those who work there.

Walking a lot of shoes are fundamental and for this there is much attention to this article.

An attention that in me was born from an early age when I was carrying my mother’s shoes from the shoemaker and I… stayed there watching him work.

Dark Shop, gruff frown, Tuscan always in the mouth, smell of transparencies, glues that intoxicated… stunned, one of those images and those sensations that are in the mind, in the heart and in the nose!

The time and a series of vicissitudes have taken me away from my city, and to go through various roads ma…il my way brought me back to the shop! This time behind the counter I! Not even thirty, with a beard cured, so much desire to do, to learn, to experiment. With time, changes of residence, jobs etc etc. the “case” wanted me to take that path (it is the case to say it).
For 12 years I was a shoemaker, a shop in a shop, a city in the city, evolving, growing up. Understanding what I liked to do and what not! I managed to get out of the cliché of the “cobbler in Cave”, and always trying to establish, with the people who addressed me, a dialogue, suggesting little things, explaining my work, hearing. Perhaps this is the aspect of my work that I most appreciate. I love talking to customers, I love to devote time to them, I love to listen to their doubts, their perplexities, their curiosities sometimes even their outbursts. I still love to find solutions that can satisfy them fully,

I love to explain with simplicity and completeness what they are wearing, what involves using certain footwear, how it could prevent inconvenience and why a solution could be more suitable. I like to be honest with them, as a friend should be, and I know that this is appreciated by those who do not need falsehoods but dispassionate advice, as I know that at times this spying because you are not accustomed to bluntness, to frankness especially when you have to buy something. I don’t think it’s useful for anyone to lie, a dissatisfied customer is a lost customer, a lost customer is not a customer!

My goal is not to spend money, my goal is to make people feel good, to turn to me satisfied with what he bought or what he did not buy!

These are the reasons why I have made my passions and have, to some extent, invented a profession (in Europe we are in 2).

I am not a buyer, I am not a personal shopper in the strict sense of the term, I come with you, I listen, I observe, I evaluate your needs and the peculiarities that make you unique in the body and in the way of being. I propose solutions, alternatives and, if needed and there is no escape, I say NO!

Do not recommend a purchase, because a counselor can also advise against when this is to the advantage of his protégé. You can discover great things when you can talk and listen, in this case you can also make great strides in many ways, even in terms of health. A right or wrong shoe at your feet can make the day wonderful or heartbreaking, for pleasure or for duty you’ll have to wear them for many hours a day and the effects in the long run you see. I observe them every day as I walk through Venice looking at the legs and the soles of those who turn around me.
Professional deformation but it gives me even more motivation.

In this regard, on my blog There is a small article concerning the choice of shoes for children, few notions, basic but important. All this to clarify what I do, after many ask me and make it clear that it is not only a way to earn bread, is part of me, is sharing, is desire to be useful and to contribute to my way to the happiness of others!
Good steps and soon.